Thursday, January 29, 2015

3/4 year update: GROWING!

Elongatas: Planted May, 2011
Cut to ground March 2013
Pic taken Jan 2015

We continue to get requests for info from all over the world on these trees. This month marks our 4th year in this project and we were only looking for a few fast growing shade trees. Had no idea of the world wide demand for this wood and now we have 415 trees planted and will add another 100 or so this summer.

Elongatas, Fortunas, Kawakamis: Planted June 2012
Cut to ground March 2013
Pic taken Jan 2015

In ground 2 1/2 years

Our trees go dormant in October and lose their elephant leaves at first freeze.
They start waking up mid February when blooms start popping out and leaves follow.

Elongata: Planted May 2011
Cut Down March 2013
Pic taken March 2014

These trees luv super hot sun and grow from leaves. We measure and document height and width growth. One tree grew one foot per week in July and August and grew 3 3/4" in width from 6/5/14 to 8/12/14.

Fortunas:  planted May 2013 and cut to ground in March 2014
This pic taken July 2014-   4 months after cutting.

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