Thursday, July 31, 2014

California drought can't stop these gorgeous trees!

440 trees now growing:  here's a pic of the back most recent plantings (March '14).  In spite of this horrific California drought you can see these trees are thriving -- they love the climate and sunshine... and make do with very little water.  

These trees are groomed for lumber harvesting (ask Mike).  

Below is a gorgeous paulownia ungroomed to grow for their majestic shade.


Mike has almost 100 trees in pots looking for a home:  contact him for info today.  Text to 559.824.3254. 

For extensive info on Paulownias, click here.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Amazing Fast-growing Trees

Spring brings great growth and MORE PAULOWNIAS!

The 'farm' is up to 330 Paulownias in various stages of planting:
new plantings
first-year cut-downs
2nd year rows
3rd year growth

These are such hardy and rewarding trees, requiring little water and zero pesticides or other chemicals.  Every patch of ground here in the Central San Joaquin Valley should have a FEW Paulownias!