Friday, September 20, 2013

Fast Growing Trees

Everything is at a fast pace today. (Duh.) What's up with these fast growing trees?

 Stop by for a visit with our Paulownia tree project and Mike can fill you in on why we are attempting to get the word out about these trees.   Watch the video to  hear Bob Kaler, our tree-mentor, career almond farmer, and founder of the Western Region Paulownia Growers & Developers (slogan: "Growing for Clean Air and Water") 559.283.2511 for info -- you can hear him talk about 'carbon sequestration' and the lack of chemicals in production of these trees.

 Grow a Million-Dollar Tree Harvest every 7 years on small acreage with minimal labor and chemicals. 

The Fed Ex young man asked me the other day "What are those trees?" I said their name. He said, "Why are you growing them?" (Sigh.) I was busy inside and wanted to get back to chores, but.... he was curious. I shared the highlights.

 He said, "I have 2 acres and would like to plant something like this." One or two hundred trees would fit nicely onto his place; he can do his own drip irrigation (simple) in his spare time; minor grooming of the trees first couple of summers (flicking suckers off); and enjoy great shade until his harvest pay-day.

A good tree should yield 200 or so board feet. Current bf price, conservative side = $8.50. So, $1700/tree. Goal: $340,000 per harvest.

These trees, ungroomed for harvest,
make a glorious shade tree and the same carbon sequestration/clean water attributes apply. So whether you want a profit crop from your land, or great shade trees for your yard, get acquainted with Paulownias.

 Contact Mike: 559.824.3254 for more info. They make a great secondary income, like for this young Fed Ex employee. If you'd like to check out some other great secondary income sources, click here.